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News & Thoughts

1 April 2019 Interview With Fırat Neziroglu: YEN Collection at NYFW19

After his first fashion collection's launch at New York Fashion Week 2019 we had an opportunity to have a quick interview with Firat. He finished his first fashion collection in a very short term due to the fashion weeks deadline. We asked about the team...

15 February 2019 Firat Neziroglu’s NY Fashion Week Show Was Pure Art

Firat Neziroglu is a versatile person with many attributes as dancer, academician, artist and designer. He can gather naturally different but unique concepts to make something ravishing every time. He didn’t disappoint with his last 2020 Men’s collection which built for and took place at...

2 February 2019 Solid woods and resin. Why so good friends?

 Wood is a natural material growing into various different forms. As opposed to human processed materials it is pretty hard to acquire an efficient use of wood. Walnut a high quality furniture making wood type however needs lots of trimming and sacrifice ends up losing...