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Interview With Fırat Neziroglu: YEN Collection at NYFW19

After his first fashion collection’s launch at New York Fashion Week 2019 we had an opportunity to have a quick interview with Firat. He finished his first fashion collection in a very short term due to the fashion weeks deadline. We asked about the team behind this beautiful collection, the inspiration and the one of a kind experience of fashion week.

Also you can find the detailed fashion week collection post here.


How did you get prepared for New York Fashion Week?

Everything was very fast. In 15 days, I found the opportunity to experience how a collection is created from nothing. The topic was easy to choose because I wanted to respond to the time I was living in, to express my feelings, to be a collection that would respond to my needs.


How did the team come together?

I’m an artist. I produce my works by weaving and these works are on display in New York. These products are sold in the most important auction halls of the world like Chiristie’s and Sotheby’s. While I was so close the fabric and the weaving from the art perspective, I took advantage of all complementary experiences such as Evrim Timur’s experience in garment design, Aycan Öktem and Özgür Parlaklı’s (the partners of AtelierIst) experience in production, stitching and pattern art, Seda Sibel Eroğuz’s experience in accessory, material and embroidery. Within 15 days, we have created a brand new men’s collection.


NEW YORK, NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 12: A model walks the runway for Turkish Designers: Firat Neziroglu during New York Fashion Week (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)


Can you tell us about the collection? What kind of selections have been presented?

The fabrics selected first. Simple, comfortable, ergonomic design was chosen for daily use of modern urban life. The basic inspiration of these designs rose on the wisdom of Anatolia. The basic short coat patterns were reinterpreted and new jacket propositions were born. A new alternative was presented to the buttonhole systems of the jackets with an Anatolian look. The arm joins were relieved by a triangle piece called ‘bird’ in Anatolia. Thus, the upper part of the arm gave a new fuller form, while at the same time the limits of the arm movement were increased. The shalwar and the skinny patterns of today are combined for the pants. A fun and stylish form reached.

The fabrics were designed and weaved Kalfa Tekstil in Usak. In addition to this, hand-woven fabrics were designed in such a way as to create jobs for housewives in need.

Consisting of 56 pieces; pants, t-shirt, shirt, pocket, jacket, coat, handbags and scarves is the product of such an intellectual process.

How was the Feedbacks?

Especially in America, the feedbacks were pretty good. The feedbacks in social media made us very happy. In addition, our New York representative and buyers have started meetings on the orders of our collection in a larger area.


How did taking part in this platform contribute your global branding journey?

This event was a driving force for us to reach the goal we wanted to reach faster in the world fashion. As it was an important event followed worldwide, we had the chance to bring our voice to more people at once.


NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 12: Models walk the runway for Turkish Designers: Firat Neziroglu during NYFW: (Photo by Albert Urso/Getty Images)


What kind of motivation did this platform create for you?

You know, the ideas are there, but they wait for the appropriate time. I also accompanied the designers who participated in many fashion events around the world with my fabric designs. I was always trying to create a room for my own collection. 15 days was too short to pass the inspiration, but New York Fashion Week was quite impressive to trigger creative thinking.


What does it mean for young designers and Turkish Textile to participate in such events?

It is exciting for us. However, it is meaningless without the ties with Turkey Textile Sector and Industry. We need government support and we need to walk together with industrial collaborations, investors who support Creative Thinking. We are actually working to make our voice announced to Turkey through New York.


NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 12: Designer Firat Neziroglu walks the runway for Turkish Designers: Firat Neziroglu during New York Fashion Week (Photo by Albert Urso/Getty Images)