"You Should Come Closer To Discover My Art Works Are Ebru": An Interview With Sera Camas - Hub Design
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“You Should Come Closer To Discover My Art Works Are Ebru”: An Interview With Sera Camas

We have a young talent here today to introduce you with our Artist Talks Series: Sera Camas. She is a 14 years old Ebru Artist and a musician with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. We asked about her inspirations and reasons to create art. Enjoy the interview!


What is your background? 

I’m 14. I’ve traveled to many countries with different cultures and my mom took me to all the museums, telling the story of each artist and why that work was important. I watched her get excited with every art piece we saw and I think I started to look for the clues of that excitement in the art pieces. My mom has Turkish Arts degree, and my grandfather is an ebru artist so their Çini and Ebru works are all over the house, I grew up watching them do those arts.

Although they teach in colleges, they never taught me anything in practice, they said I should watch to learn and find my own way. It was like master and apprentice relation. Since ebru is a traditional art, artists have been repeating themselves with respect to the tradition, but because I didn’t know the tradition I did anything I wanted with ebru technique.

I drew cats and birds and I joined many exhibitions. I drew children faces for 4.İstanbul Children and Youth Art Biennial. And we have been making Ebru Workshops called “Three Generetions of Ebru, From Grandfather to Granddaughter” since I think I was 5, we’ve been invited to many facilities, Bbc World and Lonely Planet came to interview for documantry programs. We mostly work with kids, especially with children that are said to be disadvantaged for education like disabled children or the ones that are living in the villages.



What does your work aim to say? Simply what inspires you?

I’ve been doing doodling on my books, notebooks and any paper I found. And they mostly started with an eye, so I wanted to try doodling with the ebrus that I’ve been doing for many years. It’s like a game to mix and match the colors and the patterns, I sit and work for hours but I still say let me put one more piece and can’t stop. I myself don’t know what will come out in the end so it’s quite exciting.

I love that when you do ebru even if you use the same technique, same colors, the same brushes and the same style you can’t do the same ebru twice, they all come out different. So it’s like people. People are made from the same things heart, brain but we all have different feelings, thoughts, style. So by collaging different ebrus together I try to show that we all can be same and different at the same time. And we can make a great picture when we come together.


Who are your biggest influences?

My mom, my grandma and my grandpa. They always make someting artistic out of nothing and I love watching them and waiting for beautiful things to come out.


How do you work? Are you able to conduct a workshop in New York?

I can conduct a workshop everywhere with any age of people both in Turkish or English as long as I have my colors, brushes and other stuff with me.


What is your special technics/method?

I make collages with the ebrus that I’ve been making for years. I draw doodles that start with an eye and place the ebrus that I cut inside the patterns.


How have you developed your career?

I don’t have much career since I’m 14. But I’ve been making ebru art (marbling art) since I was 1,5 yo so we can say it’s quite a career. And I’ve been making ebru workshops with my grandfather and mom since I was 5 and I’ve joined many exhibitions.


What does make special you and your artworks?

I love traditional and local arts, but I don’t use them in a traditional way, you should come a little close to discover they are ebru. Do with that one step you take to get closer to my work, you actually get closer to tradition.


What work do you enjoy most?

I love spreading the colors and making patterns on water, you can never do the same ebru twice and although you make it yourself, you still feel excited about the result, how the colors will come out on paper.


Why art?

It’s a place where you can create your own game and play.


What is your dream project?

To sing in a musical of which I designed the costumes and the stage decor. And open an art school for children and make it travel to the villages and children who can’t reach art.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Keep on walking