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TONK Project

TONK was founded by Fatih Can Sarıöz, Bora Bayseçkin and Serhan Ertan in 2014, in Istanbul. They share their motivation with a brand new experience. They bring in an extraordinary identity to living quarters by combining 3d effects of geometric forms with concrete Tonk elements. Tonk Project has a flexible and variable selection. Each design has a modular structure which can be personalized with additional pieces. This property provides people opportunity to design their own walls according to their own taste, preference and imagination by playing with tiles.

Tonk products are manufactured with the Fibrobeton quality in the factory Fibrobeton. Production is performed through the molding and casting method with a composite concrete material developed specially for Tonk products. A special concrete material the strength of which is increased and which is lightened at a rate of 20% is used. According to the preference of the customer, it is possible to release a product colored through pigmentation method.

Tonk has five special series, which are the start-up series, time series, new lines, cladding panel and special editions.


Startup Series
Time Series
New Lines
Cladding Panel