Akif Teoman - Hub Design
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Akif Teoman

Graduated from the school of fine arts fashion and accessory design program in Izmir and moved to Istanbul for working as a jewelry designer and 3D CAD/CAM modeller for the very active jewelry sector of Turkey based around grand bazaar. After working for several companies in 2006 started working in my own atelier situated in old city, Sultanahmet.

What amazed me was the architecture around me, since childhood somehow ı was attracted by architecture, looking at the photos of the historical architectural monuments on encyclopedias ı was dreaming of seeing pyramids or St.Pietro with my friends in the neighborhood at 10. A few years later my father took me to an Istanbul trip from the town that we were living and ı met the amazing feeling of space under the domes that changed me forever and now my little atelier was so near to these monuments that ı felt in love with.

In time my love for architecture and its details come together with the jewelry technics like enameling and plique-à-jour. My desire to touch a muqarnas or a tile ornated with Rumi’s took form on my jewelry. And without having a strict line about where the sculpture ends and jewelry design begins and vice versa ı started making my sculpture/jewelry pieces.

Organic forms that ı always liked to play combined with continuous repetition of geometric forms or stylized flower designs in Islamic art that tries to symbolize the eternity, unity of the god and universe with a sufistic vision.

Science articles about the impressive likeness of quasicrystals with these mesmerising geometrical patterns fueled my interest about these forms and motifs thinking about the very origins of them, the story behind them and how deep the rabbit hole is.

Raised by the empires these monumental worship structures with fragile ornaments looked upon me as they were gigantic creatures of a past ,telling a story much older than they are and ı am still trying to listen them.