Fırat Neziroglu - Hub Design
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Fırat Neziroglu

Firat Neziroğlu is a Istanbul based contemporary artist. He explored different way of art to establish the perfect language between the world and himself. And he built his own path by blending different disciplines like weaving, dancing and fabric design.


His cloth collections were exhibited in London, Istanbul, Munich, Paris, his art objects were exhibited in Incheon, Washington, Hawaii, New York, Kitakyushu, Shangai, Tenjin, Chonburi, New Delhi, Venice, Buenos Aires, Como, Roma, Maniago, Singapur, Marrakech, Dubai, Oslo, Mexico City, Paris, Abu Dhabi.

He was invited to Oslo under the auspices of Norway Royal Embassy and to Thailand for birthday celebrations of the Queen of Thailand in order to weave a special cloth to her. And he always continues to weave in his workshop; for national and international contests, for fashion designers, for noticing his own split!