Gulsah Ozpercin - Hub Design
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Gulsah Ozpercin

Gulsah Ozpercin is a MSc. Architect, CPM in New York. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir in 2008 and her Master Degree from Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul in 2016. She completed Bernard M. Baruch College of CUNY Division of Continuing and Professional Studies’ Real Estate Construction Project Management Certificate Program on April 2017. Besides, she enrolled the Patrons & Sponsors for Artist program from Praxis Center for Aesthetic Studies.

She had a chance to work with large and famous Architectural Offices and she involved in and contributed significantly to success of many international and national projects. She took in part on Project Design, Project Management and Construction Project Management sides of several big projects. Now she is working closely with artists and designers and supporting Hub Design for design and management issues.