Ridvan Sevim - Hub Design
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Ridvan Sevim

Ridvan Sevim is one of the most famous Turkish designers. He has been working on furniture and lighting fields since 1990. He opened his own design studio in 2000 in Bursa. One year later, he won the best metal worker award in London. Also he won great number of awards with his national projects in Turkey. Besides, he is being known well around the world last years because of his social responsibility projects. His last project was a metal bull statue, which was made by ironmongery owner Sevim with his 12 colleagues in fifteen days. The metal statue bull has 320 kilograms weight that is composed of 1035 metal triangles. It was sent to an Azerbaijani businessperson within the scope of a social responsibility project, in exchange for getting power-chairs for 50 handicapped people. Ridvan Sevim appeared in the international press with his last project. He will complete his 28th year in his career.