Serhat Ozpercin - Hub Design
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Serhat Ozpercin

Serhat Ozpercin is an Industrial Designer, who received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Izmir University of Economics. After he completed his BS Degree, he started to work on marketing and User Experience (UX) fields until he went to San Francisco to work for a startup project about film industry and social network in 2013.  He returned back to Turkey in 2014 and continued his works about UX. He started to run his own company; Zaxe 3D Printing with his 2 partners in 2014.

Following 4 years, he worked as Co-Founder and Managing Partner specialised on brand management. Zaxe was a milestone for his career based on its importance that it was the first 3D Printer Technology Company of Turkey.  Even today, the company is one of the first onethat come to mind, when the subject is 3D Printer in Turkey.  Ozpercin is working at Hub Design as Industrial Designer. Besides, he has continued his master degree studies about Neuro Marketing in Uskudar University, Istanbul.